I started working out with Steph when my energy levels were very low. Three weeks in and my energy levels had risen completely – I could see it not just in our workouts but in everything I was doing and it was an incredible change. Every workout was different – Steph’s approach meant that I was never bored and patient coaching meant that I always understood exactly how my body was being conditioned and trained. Steph also, somehow, miraculously, turned me into a runner – in 6 months, I went from calling a 600m jog ‘a workout’ to running 5km and then now 10km. She’s been an amazing coach during runs, always telling me to listen to my body, always challenging me but never pushing beyond what I can do, and I’m so grateful not just for the changes in my physical ability but for how running keeps me mentally and emotionally refreshed. Training with Steph is honestly the best thing I’ve done for myself – physically and mentally – this year. 🙂