SIAU, Educator

Choosing to do personal training with Stephanie was one of the best choices I made for my health and welfare this year. Since giving birth years ago, I had led a sedentary lifestyle peppered with stressful periods. It was challenging to muster up the motivation to exercise regularly and I did not feel comfortable in gym classes that felt either impersonal or overly competitive. Steph put together a manageable training routine which slowly ramped up over the few weeks we had together before my relocation for a year. She was patient and accommodating throughout- knowing when to push me further out of my comfort zone and helping me build the confidence to do so. We even had a “remote training” module for a few weeks that gave me some structure to continue exercise in my new location overseas. Thanks so much for everything Steph!

SHERRY, Civil Servant

I had been training with Viknesh on a weekly basis for the past year. Viknesh works well with physical limitations as I have a couple of injuries that needed care. The routines are also varied so I don’t get bored and still get to work up a sweat. It really helps to have him guide me in my training instead of me getting overwhelmed and frustrated doing it on my own.

JARROD, Private Educator

Viknesh was accommodating to my requests on timing and location, but firm during training itself. He made great effort to find out my specific needs and planned workout routines to cover for weak areas, all the while making the sessions enjoyable. Definitely a knowledgeable and effective coach!

YEOW CHUA, Civil Servant

What started out as physio for a knee ligament tear became full-body workouts after I regained stability and strength in my injured knee. I was back running and jumping more quickly than I realised, while getting stronger and healthier with every session - which only hit me after confidently hauling 25+kg luggage onto overhead train compartments and up and down Tokyo's subway stairs. Not to mention only having to take MC once in three years just to remove a broken tooth! Need a workout regime that gives you functional strength and energy to power through your hectic work schedule? Drop Viknesh a line.

ALICIA, Executive

I hardly exercised on a regular basis before having Steph as my personal trainer. During our initial few sessions, Steph customised a solid foundation which we built on. She showed me that exercising isn’t that hard, and you can get a good workout even with just 30 minutes. I liked that each session was different, and targeted different parts of the body. Steph is mindful of the pace and where I’m weak at, and I knew that I wouldn’t over exert myself when I followed her instructions. She checks in even when we don’t meet, and reminds me to stay active over the week. She’s really positive, full of encouragement, and knowledgeable. Thanks Steph!

JADIN, Homemaker

How do I describe Viknesh? He is a very patient, diligent and reliable trainer.Not only did he understand my needs but he was always so encouraging in helping me improve myself. A very dedicated 'teacher', I would strongly recommend him to my colleagues and friends. Thank you Viknesh.

ERIN, Educator

I started working out with Steph when my energy levels were very low. Three weeks in and my energy levels had risen completely - I could see it not just in our workouts but in everything I was doing and it was an incredible change. Every workout was different - Steph’s approach meant that I was never bored and patient coaching meant that I always understood exactly how my body was being conditioned and trained. Steph also, somehow, miraculously, turned me into a runner - in 6 months, I went from calling a 600m jog ‘a workout’ to running 5km and then now 10km. She’s been an amazing coach during runs, always telling me to listen to my body, always challenging me but never pushing beyond what I can do, and I’m so grateful not just for the changes in my physical ability but for how running keeps me mentally and emotionally refreshed. Training with Steph is honestly the best thing I’ve done for myself - physically and mentally - this year. 🙂